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Продолжительность жизни не связана с наследственностью.

    Не верьте т.н.науке и медицине. Вот новый самый старый  мужчина в мире.
Он пережил наиболее долго прожившего родственника,  брата - уже на 70 лет. Его советы просты. Посмотрите его интервью.
Быть при деле.
Все в меру.
Быть активным телом и умом.
Есть немного.
Хорошо относиться к людям.

А Вам будут рассказывать про какие-то чудесные клетки! Пересадки!
The 112-year-old resident of Great Falls, Mont., apparently became the world's oldest man when 113-year-old Henry Allingham of England died Saturday. Breuning was born Sept. 21, 1896.

Breuning said he's more grateful for his health than he is for a world title.
"If you're in good health, you've got everything there is," he told the Great Falls Tribune.
Longevity doesn't run in Breuning's family.
He said his father, a civil engineer, died at 50, and his mother, a housewife, at 46. Two brothers and two sisters died in their 70s, he said.
Breuning credits his longevity to keeping busy and practicing moderation.
His advice for living to a ripe old age? Stay active in body and mind, don't eat too much and be good to people.

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