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Братцы, помогайте! Вопрос на засыпку...

St hippolyte superb plot of flat, organic farmland measuring 43700m² and situated 10minutes away from Perpignan and the beaches. Land ornamented with young apricot trees and fig trees. 4 Bore...

Вот описание куска земли, на который я положила свой глаз. Меня интересует ее размер. Пытаюсь уяснить, сколько же у меня будет земли за 70 тысяч Евро. Примерно 48000 м2, это сколько же гектаров?

Here is the information sheet for the property you requested. You asked in your e-mail if you could build a log cabin on this plot of land. I'm afraid that since this is zoned as farming land or 'agricultural' land, that is would not be possible to build on it or place a log cabin, unless if the building or cabin was essential for farming and raising crops. You would also have to prove that you plan to farm all year long in order to receive the approuval install a log cabin.

What you need to look for in order to install a log cabin on land in France is either building land or leisure land. If you find land that is zoned as leisure land, then you can set a log cabin on it (of course this will depend on the local townhall or department and depending if they permit it or not for leisure land). However, on leisure land you can install a log cabin as a primary residence, meaning you couldn't hook up pipes and drains. It would have to be a simple holiday home.If you find some building land that suits you, then you can request to build a log cabin at the local townhall who then decides if they will allow you to build a cabin or install cabin.If you have any other questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than glad to help.You can also browse through our agency's selection of 11,000+ properties at

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